Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Watching the news this evening, the anchors showed quite a few clips of different Republicans making their argument as to how we can fix the national deficit. Some of them were absolutely BEYOND absurd. One senator suggested eliminating the Board of Education, Rand Paul (R) Kentucky. How do you suggest we pay for education then Senator Paul. Another senator said we should cut corporate taxes all together, Pat Toomey (R) Pennsylvania. Again, Senator Toomey, what makes them so special that they should not have to pay taxes. They own property and generate income from this Great Nation as well, why should they get a free pass? Finally, I wanted to address the fact that many people feel this election is the public's version of a repudiation of the current governing body's ideals. My only thought on this statement is that the electorate does not know who or what they voted for, just that it was the opposite of the current establishment. I strongly feel that individuals in this country are smart, but the masses are dumb, ignorant, hordes of fear. If the people in this country really want their vote to count for the change they feel is necessary, they must begin to open their eyes to the world around them and understand what and more importantly WHO they are voting for. Please comment.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2010 Midterm Election

Well, although it was not what I expected completely, the 2010 midterm elections are finished. The Conservatives regain control of the House and the Dems hold the Senate. I am a strong supporter of bipartisan control of the Legislature and Presidency, I only hope they can get it together and begin to work as a unit of Americans instead of a unit of Democrats and Republicans. Please comment.